Letter to the Editor: Following the money in Chambersburg's mayoral race


What is at stake in Chambersburg’s mayor race?

Well, I recommend taking a visit to the Franklin County Commissioner’s Office and looking at both candidates campaign finance reports. According to the reports the current mayor Democrat Pete Lagiovane ,has spent $836.47 of his own money campaigning for mayor.

The Republican, Darren Brown, running against him has spent $4,700 of his own money.

In addition to that, his committee has raised $6,163.01 for his campaign. This means that the Republicans are spending $10,863.01 on the mayoral campaign in Chambersburg this fall.

Spending this amount of money on a small town mayoral campaign seems outrageous to me.

This election is being bought. I think the mayor seat is a very important position in the community but is it really worth outspending the opposing candidate by $10,000?

What special interests in Chambersburg want a Republican mayor so much that it is worth $10,000?
This town needs to know that the mayor’s race is being bought by special interests.

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