Bang for Your Buck

Everyone dreads that time of the year when the sore throats, sniffles and coughs start coming around. We often find that it is easier said than done to stay healthy. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season right around the corner, it does not get any easier.

Sometimes no matter how much you wash your hands or how many Vitamin C tablets you take, you just cannot steer clear of that nasty cold.
Or maybe you have other medical issues that need tended to, but driving all the way home to your family doctor just does not fit into your busy schedule.

The Health Center is conveniently located right on campus on the ground floor of McLean Hall II and is staffed by qualified nurses and doctors. They offer a variety of services to students, from cold and flu medications to emergency care for when the unexpected happens.

To complete this week’s challenge, stop by the Health Center and check out all the services they provide. Be sure to pick up one of their many informational brochures and turn in your form to the receptionist at the front desk.

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