Trick-or-treating stays popular among students


Witches, superheroes, princesses and werewolves are some of children’s favorite characters to dress up as for Halloween. More than 41 million trick-or-treaters (from ages five to 14) travel through neighborhoods every year hunting for candy.

This is one of the most exciting nights of the year for kids. They are granted permission to dress up as whatever they want just to receive free candy. What more could a kid want? However, it is not just kids who are still participating in all of the fun.

College students across the country, including at Shippensburg University, still enjoy dressing up every year and getting their share of the goods.

With the stress of classes, work, and other strenuous activities, college students have every right to take a night once a year to feel like a kid again and have fun with friends.

Admit it, we all miss dressing up in crazy outfits every year growing up but who says we have to stop?

As long as students are respectful to younger kids trick-or-treating and those from whom one is receiving candy, there is no harm in having fun on Halloween night and feeling like a kid again.
Some popular costumes college students tend to dress up as for Halloween range from witches to Katy Perry and iPhones to beer cans.

For Nathan Rosenberger, sophomore at SU, he prefers the wolf disguised as Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. He believes that there is a little kid in all of us who needs to get out once a year and have fun.

“I celebrate because deep down, inside of everyone, is this little kid that we once use to be. And he, or she, doesn’t come out very much as we get older. Aside from Christmas, Halloween is the only other time I am able to let the little rascal out and breathe. That, and I just love candy,” Rosenberger said.

“Most people don’t give you candy if you just walk up to their door in jeans. You have to blend in and hey, you may even have fun doing it.”

What is the fun in trick-or-treating if one does not have a great costume? If students are planning on going out on Halloween night this year, they should make sure they put some thought and creativity into what you wear.

People are not going to appreciate you coming to their front door wearing everyday clothes or a poor excuse of a costume just to get free candy.

Also, make sure to be polite. That way Halloween night is enjoyable for you as well as everyone around you.

Always make the most out of Halloween every year and have fun, one only as young as they feel.

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