Battle of the Campus brings the heat to SU students


Shippensburg University students teamed up to race the clock in the annual Battle of the Campus competition this past Wednesday.

Teams of 11, identifiable by the color of their shirts, gathered on the campus quad and battled the cold for the win.

Battle of the Campus comprised seven different events, each of which required quick and efficient teamwork. “Puzzle Race,” “Pumpkin Roll Relay,” “Balloon Race” and a very chilly water-balloon toss were just a few of the games featured in the competition.

“My favorite game was probably the pumpkin roll,” said Travis Coleman, a junior on the CUB Scouts team. “It seemed the most original out of them and I have never done it before.”

One of the more difficult challenges in the competition called for a member from each team to put his or her face into a pie-tin filled with whipped cream, collect an unspecified number of gumballs and blow a bubble—all without using any hands.

With the chill of wind on a surprisingly cold October day, the gumballs had frozen and contestants struggled through the challenge—while team members and spectators enjoyed the show.
Conversely, every team member got to enjoy the “Balloon Pants” game, which challenged one member of each team to make a pair of pants out of a garbage bag.

The remaining team members were given deflated balloons, which they had to blow up, tie and stuff down their teammate’s new “pants.”

Contestants had to finish each challenge as quickly as possible, and the judges recorded each time that the teams posted.

At the end of the competition, the times for each individual event were tallied and the team with the lowest total time was declared the winner, according to senior and homecoming president Samantha Stambaugh.

Most of the participants in the Battle of the Campus competition were affiliated with a campus group.

The CUB Scouts, Minithon, Alpha Sigma Tau (AST) and Phi Sigma Kappa (PSK) teams were just a few of the university’s organizations represented at the event.

Other teams included the Queen Street Elite, College Life and Wrecking Balls, who brought a competitive spirit to the event not associated with campus organizations.

The Top 3 teams in the competition received prizes, with PSK taking home the gold. Each member of the PSK team received a $30 Amazon gift card; $20 Giant gift cards were allocated to second-place team members and the third-place team received $10 Walmart gift cards.

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