Welcome SU freshmen


I find it weird to think that this school year, is going to be my third here at Shippensburg University.
I feel like I just moved into McLean Hall yesterday.

Freshman year is a serious wave of change. Changes, that happen for the good, and for the bad.
This new year has brought on a ton of changes as I walk around campus.

For starters, the new dorms are up, and the campus is beginning to take on a new look.
In fact, when I think about how campus looks now, compared to when I was a freshman, it is completely different in some ways.

The Ceddia Union Building is now finished, Etter Health Center is completely gone, and the library had a face lift over the summer.

The new computers in the Math and Computing Tech center, are beautiful, and the new desks for the computers, makes our technology help desk look really professional.

As always, I still hate parking on campus.

There is not enough, and campus police are cracking down on parking tickets.
I cannot justify buying a parking pass when I feel like the commuter lots are farther away from my classes then my apartment is.

Mondo Subs was the new addition to the dining selections in the CUB this year as well.
I miss Quiznos so much.

I feel like Mondo’s 6 inch subs are child sized, and their 12-inch ones are bigger than my arm.
There is no happy medium in sizes, and although they may be cheaper than Quiznos, I feel like the quality is just lacking.

I also feel like there are not as many options for subs, like Quizons had.

For the rest of the CUB everything is same old same old, and I am the type who enjoys that.
Chicken fingers are always on hand, and to all you freshmen out there, if you have not tried the Raider Bowl yet, you have not experienced SU.

It is a bowl of mashed potatoes, chicken and corn heaven that will leave anyone feeling lethargic and full.

All of the freshmen are also missing out on Freshins’ which I think was a favorite among everyone on campus.
It was refreshing and tasty.

The lines were never long and the drinks were always good.

The rumors of a Dunkin’ Donuts coming in is actually something to be excited about. Again though, this doughnut rumor is just that, a rumor.

I think we can only pray that we will have fresh glazed doughnuts to comfort us in the morning on the way to class.

I would not mind an iced coffee either.

Maybe a bagel, too.

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