Cassandra Clarhaut


Go gay rights, from the mouth of a minister

Matt Ramsay is a Shippensburg University alumnus and Coalition for Campus Outreach (CCO) Minister. He is often spotted in the quad wearing his flat cap next to the sign “Ask a Campus Minister Anything!” In an interview with The Slate, Ramsay expressed his passion about the topic of homosexuality and the way the Christian church handles it. “This is a difficult issue for students to talk about, and for me as well.

Alumna Spotlight: Bethany Acker

Bethany Acker graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2013, but she still goes to school every day. That’s because Acker, a recent Shippensburg University alumna, is an eighth-grade English teacher at Midd-West High School in rural Snyder County ing Pennsylvania.

Society’s perception of beauty

All of us have something we would like to change about ourselves — maybe it is a few pounds we should lose or a bump on our nose we would like shaved down.

A non-gamers admission: I’m game

Sweaty hands clench awkward-shaped plastic. I push forward the right side of the plus-sign shaped button as if my actual life depends on it, and my right thumb pounds “A” with the driving force of a jackhammer.

Ten years B.C.: Birth control responsibility

There were 305,388 babies born to U.S. mothers ages 15–19 in 2012, and according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC,) ironically enough, this rate has continually declined in recent years.

No capitalizing on capital punishment

It is 2000. The year of Y2K, Backstreet’s Back, and Nintendo’s Game Cube. According to The Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) for six years, William Nieves has been on death row, but this year, a Philadelphia jury has acquitted him of murdering Eric McAiely in 1992.