Four stars for Starbucks

All of my friends would really back me up in saying that I am a tad bit of a coffee addict.
I seriously need it every day, and it is normally more than one cup.

No matter how hard I try to go to bed at a decent hour, I still wake feeling weary, and rather than allow myself to wait to wake up, I rely on caffeine to do the trick.

In order to wake myself up every morning the first thing I do when I walk on to campus, is make a beeline straight for Starbucks.

If you are the type of person who says Starbucks is overrated, well, the only thing that I have to say to you is, “pin a rose on your nose,” as Stephanie Tanner so eloquently put it.

People say I spend too much of my flex dollars at Starbucks and they are absolutely right.

Yes, I could easily make a pot of coffee at my apartment but it is just not the same.

I love the soothing jazzy music they play, I love the cup that my drink comes in, I love the taste of their coffee beans.

The employees who work there are not just handing me a cup of coffee, but the one thing I need in my day to start it right.

Some people on campus say the employees are too slow in the morning, or do not know how to make some of the drinks on the menu, and I think those people are wrong.

The morning is prime time for coffee, so obviously the lines are going to be long.

Would you rather the employees rush to make a so-so drink for you, or take their time to get your order right?

They are not just pouring from a coffee pot most of the time, they are making complicated drink orders that take more than one breath to say.

Give them some credit.

I think we all need to take into consideration what time the library opens in the morning, and what time it closes.

The employees who work there are up at the crack of dawn for people with 8 a.m.’s, and are at the library until midnight to serve you night owls out there.

They slave away for this campus and people continually give them crap for it.

They balance their class schedules, which are probably demanding on their own, and find time to work during the day.

I am sure that takes up the majority of their time and day.

I think the employees at Starbucks hands down, have the hardest job on campus, and they do it with a smile and a “Hi how are you?” every day.

I work at a Rita’s Water Ice and I understnd how Frustrating it can be to deal with lines all day.

It is exhausting and by the end of my shift, I just want to drive home, and sit for the rest of the night.

The employees at Starbucks on campus seem to be working around the clock.

Has anyone ever noticed the same employees work during certain times of the day?

They are there all of the time to make us our coffee or pastries or tea.

They always say “thank you” to us so maybe we should start saying “thank you” too.

I am sure it would make their day.

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