Five student semester resolutions for the new semester


The Ceddia Union Building houses many clubs and Student organizations. Getting involved in student life is a great way to stay motivated.

As the new year kicks off and the spring semester begins, it is a time to start considering resolutions on how to improve from the previous year and the previous semester.

Instead of regretting mistakes and missed opportunities at the end of the semester, here are five semester resolutions to help you start the spring semester with confidence.

1.) Do all the work, including extra credit.

To do every homework and class work assignment, including extra credit, in all of your classes is much easier said than done.

What sounds like an obvious idea can end up swamping you with work and force you to give up your free time.

However, if you do every assignment presented by your professor and do it well, it not only will boost your grade and give you reassurance, but will also boost your reputation with your professor and demonstrate the hard work ethic you possess.

2.) Attend every class.

Attending every class will boost your class participation grade and ensure that you get all the notes and assignments you need to succeed.

As hard as showing up to an 8 a.m. class may be, showing up is half the battle, and it will make the class much easier if you are aware of all the notes and assignments given.

You also will not have to worry about missing a pop quiz or in-class assignment.

3.) Speak up in class.

Raising your hand in class may be nerve racking, but it could help you become a better student.
Speaking in front of a class can build your confidence and help you earn class participation points.
It also shows that you are engaged in the class material and that you think for yourself. It is better to speak up than to wish you had.

4.) Join a club and get involved in student life.

College is all about meeting new people and trying new things and joining a club can make that happen for you.

Shippensburg University offers many opportunities for students to get involved with student activities, and most clubs are more than happy to add you to their roster.
A list of all student groups that the Student Senate recognizes can be found on

5.) Find your Raider pride.

Developing a sense of school spirit may give you the motivation you need to do your best.
You can start by attending more campus events and athletic games.

Although classes are a priority, student life is also an important aspect of college.
You want to make sure you have good memories from your college career. A schedule of athletic games can be found at

These five student resolutions may seem like a lot, but even doing just one may create a positive change in your college career.

The beginning of every semester offers a new opportunity to change your habits for the better, so make sure you are doing everything you can to propel yourself toward success.

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