Letter from the EIC and managing editor

Dear Slate Readers,

What an interesting start for the new semester. Already classes have been canceled, when most of us have barely memorized our class schedules.

As the campus jumped for joy (hopefully not on ice) when the announcement was made that classes were canceled yesterday. The Slate staff faced the ice-rink of a campus to produce the newspaper in time for the first spring semester edition.

Some may call us obsessed, but we really see it as a deep passion. Each of us works tirelessly every week to generate the best possible product we can achieve, because as our dedicated readers, you deserve nothing less.

We have received tremendous praise for The Slate, especially our sports section, and we could not be more flattered. There is truly nothing more satisfying than seeing a reader walking across campus, newspaper in hand, or receiving a big pat-on-the-back.

Over winter break, we submitted several of our works for different awards, and we are anxiously awaiting the results.

Please make sure to continue to check theslateonline.com, as we are always trying to upload as much content as possible throughout the week. Keep your eyes peeled as we have a few things planned this semester with which we hope the campus will get involved.

And if you are interested in joining The Slate, we are accepting applications next year.

The ways you can get involved are nearly endless, and don’t worry, we will teach you.
Thank you and good luck with the new semester.

*Chelsea Wehking *
_Editor-in-Chief _

Cara Shumaker
Managing Editor

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