Cara Shumaker


Let's talk about sex…after marriage

Sex is good. Sex is incredible. Sex feels incredible, or so I am told. I would not know because I am waiting until marriage to find out. The decision to wait until your wedding night is split in our culture, but there seems to be a shift with waiting until marriage being labeled taboo.

Bre White: The journey of a champion

Bre White takes the ball from the referee. She lines up her shot, making sure it is at precisely the right angle. She is not thinking. There is no crowd. There is no noise. It is just her, the goalie and the official. She is relying on muscle memory.

Will you marry me?

At some point in her life, every girl dreams of hearing these four words. Usually, she expects that question to be accompanied by a diamond ring too.

Launch blasts off on Nov. 2

Launch is a mini-conference that Shippensburg University’s CCO campus ministers, along with a team of students, put together. The event is set up to mirror the larger conference held in February each year called Jubilee.

Jesus banners wave at SU

The usually peaceful quad on Shippensbug University’s campus was filled with large banners that read, “Church is a joke. Jesus is a living person” and “Go to Jesus not ‘church.’” Another banner promoted a website,

Robbery suspect dead after chase

Shippensburg University students received the first SU Alert of the semester on Monday when a high-speed chase that began in Chambersburg roared near campus and ended in suicide near Shippensburg. The chase began after a man Pennsylvania State Police identified as Dakin Burgess, 37, of Pittsburgh, robbed M&T Bank on Lincoln Way East in Guilford Township.