"I have a feeling," said technology

Peter Hartwell, associate of a research and development initiative, focused on the creation of sensory technology, and spoke out to the public about a project of his.

This is no ordinary project.

In fact, the main emphasis of the scheme is to bring sensory feelings, like the ability to detect odor and be aware of its environment, to computers and other technological devices.

Hartwell explains, “It is about bringing awareness to the computer power we have created.

Right now, technology is blind, deaf and dumb to its surroundings.”

This will change everything we knew or will know about the advances of technology, and how it can affect our communities and societies.

When I first ran across this article, I thought the idea of a computer having feelings or senses at all was a complete joke.

But the more I researched the possibilities, the more interested and caught up I got in the depths of what could really be in our future.

Will machinery become so advanced that, to some extent, it will take the jobs of average citizens in countries around the world?

Will technological advances be the best thing to happen to us or the worst?

Now that I think about it, never have I even contemplated the idea of a machine being, quite literally, smarter and more capable at average tasks than a human being.

Some say that the human mind is the most powerful instrument to ever be introduced to this earth, but is it possible that we may be the cause of our own destruction?

Although we have so much machinery and technology surrounding us, we are still blind to how these devices work.

Only a handful of professionals can take apart your average iPhone 4S and reassemble it.

The notion that we are even remotely capable of figuring out how to improve and rewire any type of advanced technology is out of the question for many. So what does this mean when the advancements become so far beyond our reach that they exceed our very intellect?

Genuinely from the bottom of my heart, I believe that the advancements are important, but I feel that it is going a bit over the edge.

If you think about it, the progress we have made in the last 10 years is a little ridiculous.

From 2D video games all the way to 3D, high definition phones that can literally take the place of any camera from before the year 2000.

I know the technological era will not come to a halting stop, but I am personally unaware of what is to come next.

I am only 19-years-old and I can tell that things will be much, much different for me when I reach my mid-40s and can barely tell what is going on with the generations that will come after me.

I feel like technology is becoming more intellectual than humans, but all I can hope is that technology does not “feel” the same way I do.

Only time will tell, I suppose.

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