Nick Finio


SVA raises money for wounded veteran

The family that veterans make up is a bond so strong that no one is left behind, despite the daily hardships that each may face. That strength was demonstrated Thursday when the Student Veterans of America (SVA) came out to raise money and show support for injured veteran Cpl.

Face-to-face communication is fading

In today’s modern era, technology has become such a wide-spread phenomenon that popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr seem to consume peoples’ lives.

Structuring the self-image

The self-image is the interpretation of one’s self; the very fabric that passes the ultimate judgment upon one’s well-being on any particular day.

"I have a feeling," said technology

Peter Hartwell, associate of a research and development initiative, focused on the creation of sensory technology, and spoke out to the public about a project of his.