Breastival raises breast cancer awareness


The National Breast Cancer Foundation says if cancer is detected early enough by doing self exams, survival rate can be as high as 98 percent.

The Ceddia Union Building patio was decked in pink on Oct. 24 for the Breastival to raise breast cancer awareness.

Students had the opportunity to play games, win prizes and dedicate a pink ribbon to a breast cancer survivor.

The event was sponsored by the Shippensburg University’s Women’s Center, College’s Against Cancer and Tau Kappa.

Unlike many events at which the goal is to raise money, the Breastival was created to raise awareness.

Stephanie Erdice, Director of the SU Women’s Center, said more than 100 people visited the Breastival and it is a great way to get students thinking about their health and to promote healthy behavior.

“I have a cousin who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35, so this event is special to me to celebrate the survivors,” Erdice said.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation website,, states that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is an “annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.”

The Breastival is one of many events happening around the country to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer.

Concerts, mud runs, parties and professional sports games have all stepped up to raise awareness.
The National Breast Cancer Foundation website says contrary to popular belief, men as well as women can be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Tests that are crucial to diagnosis are mammograms, ultrasounds, MRIs and biopsies.
If detected early by doing self and clinical breast exams, the survival rate can be as high as 98 percent.

The American Cancer Society website,, states there are many “lifestyle-related risk factors for breast cancer” that can be prevented.

Consuming alcohol can increase the risk for breast cancer as well as many other kinds of cancer such as liver and throat cancer.

Exercising can also drastically reduce the risk of cancers.

A study from the Women’s Health Initiative proved “as little as one and a half to two and a half hours per week of brisk walking reduced a woman’s risk by 18 percent.”

The Breastival, like other events raising awareness for Breast Cancer in the month of October, is part of a bigger mission to save lives by making people more aware.

The sponsors of this year’s Breastival are planning cancer awareness events in the future, such as The Pink Zone basketball game in February, Strikeout Breast Cancer softball game in April, and next year’s Breastival is set for October 2013.

For more information contact the Women’s Center at

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