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The Philadelphia Eagles and the Arizona Cardinals have more in common than Sunday’s game. With quarterback Kevin Kolb leading the way for the Cardinals, the Eagles struggled to get into any offensive rhythm.

Quarterback Michael Vick and company were completely shut down. Yet, this victory means more to the Cardinals than just a hot 3-0 start. Just a few years ago at this time Kolb was seen as the Eagles’ future, and Vick was just an ex-convict looking for redemption. Kolb, who never lived up to expectations, was traded to the Cardinals while Vick took over and never looked back. So with this big statement by Kolb, does this mean the Eagles made a good choice or a bad choice by letting Kolb go?

*Nick: *

No the Eagles did not make a bad decision. Kolb is a joke, always has been and always will be. He will never come close to Vick, except maybe in the eyes of the Humane Society or PETA. On the football field, it is Vick hands down. Kolb had a tough time beating out John Skelton when he first came to Arizona so that speaks for itself.

First, you have to realize that the Cardinals’ defense is really good this year. The linebacking crew kept Vick from scrambling much. The numbers were close, 200 yards passing and 17 completions, but the Cardinals have a lot more weapons to go to than the Eagles. Kolb is in the right situation that is all. He has multiple deep threats, a good defense to back him up, and an offensive line that held strong. This would not work in Philadelphia, and he will never be the leader Vick is to them. Vick is a proven captain, and Kolb is Gilligan at best. When Kolb can carry a team on his shoulders then we can talk, but this issue is a no brainer. The Eagles made the right choice in letting him go if they want to win now. It is just one game people.

*Sam: *

I have to give kudos to Nick on the PETA comment, but all kidding aside, Kevin Kolb is a legitimate starting quarterback, who for years, has just needed some time to gel with an offense. With McNabb’s departure in Philadelphia, Kolb was assumed as the starting quarterback; however, a concussion in Week 1 sidelined him and let incumbent Vick take his place. Vick had a tremendous first half of that year and so far that has been the only positive from Vick. The upside of Kolb is tremendous.

He is a game-manager in a system that is starting to work for him. His skill level is nowhere near Vick’s but Andy Reid is misusing Vick. Kolb is a better fit for the Philadelphia offense because, face it — Vick is not, and never will be, a pocket-passer.

The Eagles have set themselves up for failure in the upcoming years until they bring in Nick Foles; a quarterback who would fit in perfectly with the West Coast, pass-heavy offense that Reid runs. Until then, I have to say the Eagles made a mistake letting Kolb go. Not for the reason that Kolb is better, but because the Eagles have hindered their chances of winning a Super Bowl. Either Vick or Reid needs to go, but with that combination, no championships will be won.

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