Make me pay more?

You want to know what I do not understand?

Why middle- and lower- class people strive their whole lives to earn the money they have and sometimes, only break even, when millionaires are living large on their extraordinary incomes and we are all paying the same taxes.

We may all work hard in the same, or different aspects, but it all comes down to how much money we make in the long run.

One of the richest men in the country, Warren Buffett, announced that he wants to pay more taxes.
Buffett told Congress that it should commit to a shared sacrifice and raise everyone’s taxes who earn more than $1 million.

Buffett stepping up and saying that he, and all the other millionaires in the country need to stop being treated as if they are “endangered species” of some type, and start owning up to their millions and pay up.

Buffett quoted, “While the poor and middle class fight for us in Afghanistan, and while most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks.” President Barack Obama agreed that this action would be the best option at this time.
Over the next year, Congress will be deciding how to fix our country’s crisis with money, but half of those committee members are Republicans, who voted not to raise taxes.

Now, this to me is very selfish.

Republicans, who have been known to come from old money are sitting back on their fortunes, soaking up all the money for themselves.

That is fine, if you want to keep your money to yourself and not donate or help others, so be it.
But paying taxes is something every American citizen must do in this country.

Welcome to America, pay up.

And though hearing that you must pay more for something is never pleasant, middle- and lower- class people are struggling every day, and paying taxes; it is the millionaire’s turns to start doing the same.

Buffett has spoken up about raising taxes for people in his income bracket many times, and he is very right.

The men and women who are denying the tax raise are arguing about how unfair it is and saying they pay enough, are selfish. Buffett is speaking for all millionaires when he says it is time to step up and sacrifice some of their money, just like all the rest of the middle- and lower- class people.
There are consequences to everything you do.

One of the consequences of being a wealthy person, is you have more expensive things and spend more money.

But once that money is geared toward something not in your wants and needs, it is mayhem.
Honestly, this world has become all about money.

If people do not have a lot of money, we are frowned upon for not having the nicest of things.
Get a reality check, being happy and successful has nothing to do with how much money you receive annually.

Buffett sets a great example for wealthy people to step up and see that they have been treated as if they deserve the tax breaks and it is wrong.

Millionaires may have a vast amount of money, but they will live their lives poor if they do not come to terms with the fact that, money does not solve everything, so pay more taxes, it will not kill you.

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