It is here

Baseball time is here.

On April 4 all will be right again in the world. The birds will be chirping, leaves will suddenly appear on trees, the dog will stop barking, the wife will stop nagging, and Taylor Swift will finally get some recognition for her artistry. OK, well not quite. However, deep in Miami, a rich tradition will begin yet another year.

Baseball is back.

It is the time of the year when records go back to 0-0. Stars get healthy. Each team has a viable shot at making it to the World Series.

However, within a month certain teams’ dreams will be dashed. Injuries will mount for some; poor play will amount to the others.

As the flowers die in the heat of the summer, the sport of baseball thrives. The boys of summer captivate fans with heroic homeruns and dominating pitching performances.

There is no need for a “Lin-Sanity” in baseball because every team has that one player who comes out of nowhere. Vance Worley for the Philadelphia Phillies made an impact that was “Worley-Sanity” capable.

Well, OK, the name does not work for Vance but the point has been made. Good thing the Phillies thought up “Vanimal” to cope with my lack of nicknaming skills.

The baseball season signifies promise, it signifies growth. No wonder why the beginning of the season is slated in the spring, a time where everything comes to life.

On April 4, 2012. When the St. Louis Cardinals become the first team to play a regular season game at new, Marlins Park, the cameras will flash, the storylines will grow. The same event will occur in every major league park throughout this week.

Sit back, grab a drink and some popcorn and watch because baseball is here, finally.

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