True Life: I met my celebrity idol

I am not the type of person who makes rash decisions. I calculate, consider and often decide on taking the easiest and least risky ways of doing things.

However, when it came time to making a decision that would involve a road trip to see one of my favorite authors and celebrities, there was barely any hesitation.

On a list of people I would like to meet, meeting John Green was easily at the top of my list.
His books are amazing, but he is also one of my favorite celebrities because he started an online community with his brother, Hank, which I am a large part of, called Nerdfighters.

With three good friends and fellow fans from Shippensburg University, we packed into a car and traveled to the closest place that the “Tour de Nerdfighting 2012” would go, Bethesda, Md., which is right outside Washington, D.C.

The last time the two brothers went on tour was in 2008, when John released his last book.
Nerdfighters are people who watch John and Hank’s videos on YouTube and embrace their nerdiness through literature, movies and other outlets.

Personally, I had never met another Nerdfighter until I came to SU.

Some of the friends I was going to the event with were some of those who were the first other Nerdfighters I had ever met.

Watching John speak and read from his latest novel, “The Fault In Our Stars” was surreal.
It was so amazing seeing him speak and read from his newest book and relate his theories and ideas to the audience.

Hank was equally as funny as he sang some of his original songs.
Meeting John was unbelievable. The line of fans to get books signed and talk with him had at least 400 people.

Despite the wait and the fact there were so many people, John gave as much attention to each person as he could.

He took the time to sign my books and talk to me about being a Nerdfighter.
He seemed like a generally thoughtful and caring person.

There is always the fear when meeting someone you idolize. Will they be the person you thought they would be? How will you act?

I can honestly say that meeting John was everything I thought it would be.
I found out that he was exactly the type of person that he appears to be and wants to make the world suck less.

After meeting him, I made a goal that I would try and help others more and do little acts of kindness as often as I could.

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