Lauren Cappuccio


Poetry project unites SU with Tulane University

The Poetry Exchange Project, or PXP, was a new and experimental collaboration between poetry classes between Tulane University in Louisiana, lead by Professor Andy Stallings, and SU, led by Zach Savich.

Down to earth poet talks race

“How did you begin writing poetry?” He paused. “I never know where to start while telling these stories,” he said.

Arts flourish with help of local artists and students

At first glance, Shippensburg does not seem to be at the cultural hub of Pennsylvania. It is a small town known for its university and annual Corn Festival but does not seem to be the type of place to find spoken-word poetry readings, art studios and independent film premieres. However, with efforts from local artists, as well as through the local university, Shippensburg has begun to have a rash of artistic endeavors opening up and flourishing. A main hub for arts in Shippensburg is the H.

Fencing anybody?

“Lunge! Parry!” The two students yelled as they lunged their sabers at one another in distinct succession.

Tattoos are a common sight on campus

Many students, professors, administrators and staff at Shippensburg University have something in common besides the fact that they attend, teach or work at the university.

'The Hunger Games' is no longer a game

“May the odds be ever in your favor.” These are the words that greet the tributes that are chosen as the “lucky” ones to represent their home districts in Panem.