Move over Sanchez, Tebow is coming in

Tim Tebow is going to the New York Jets? Upon hearing the trade of Tim Tebow to the New York Jets, I was shocked and confused. Why would the Jets want to have two legitimate starting quarterbacks?

Then I was reminded of Mark Sanchez’s performance last season. Sanchez failed to take the team to the playoffs and was inconsistent the entire season.

Sanchez jeopardized his team’s success as he coughed up too many turnovers and not enough touchdowns. Thus leading to controversy between himself and his teammates based on whether he was the leader that the team needed.

However, the biggest piece of the puzzle that confused me is why the Jets gave Sanchez a contract extension less than three weeks ago? I know the Jets may not have been fully aware of the possibility that Denver would be getting rid of Tim Tebow and signing Peyton Manning, but there was speculation. If they were going to have interest in Tebow, why did they bother to sign Sanchez so promptly?

I do not think the move was necessarily bad for either the Jets or Tebow. With the acquisition of Tebow, the team now has more strategic options. Tebow runs the read option, which is different from the wildcat, an offense that failed after a year in Miami. Tebow will also help Sanchez improve and work harder, thus helping his relationship with his teammates.

Tebow may not have as much experience in the league, but has had success. Sanchez has been successful at times for the Jets, but Tebow is now moving to a team with a better offensive
line. Many fans do not like the idea of having two quarterbacks, especially when two quarterbacks have the intangibles these two have.

However, this may be good for both Sanchez and Tebow. All of this is happening in New York, a city where it is Super Bowl or bust. Just because Sanchez is the poster child of the Jets, does not mean he will not improve by this move. He has to. The first sign of trouble for him will mean that Tebow will get his shot to become the starter. There is no question the New York Jets are the team to watch in 2012.

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