Remaining Ship Idols show off their girl power


With only five girls left in the competition, it only made sense that the sixth week of Ship Idol was diva themed.

The remaining singers showed off their girl power as they chose a hit song from a diva who was assigned to them by the Ship Idol committee.

As the weeks in the competition pass, and the end draws nearer, it is important for contestants to do their best in every performance they give.

Starting the night off on a positive note was the bubbly red-head Emily Keen singing “Don’t Rain on My Parade” by Barbra Streisand.

She started her performance by entering through the back of the room behind the audience.
She hit every high-note and kept the song enthusiastic and energetic.

Judges said she gave them chills, but could use more belting notes.
They said she set the bar very high for the night and could not wait to see what the other contestants had in store.

Next was Gillian Dolen, dressed the part for her song “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse.

Photo by Kevin Battersby / The Slate

Dolen wore a black wig with a giant poof and a leopard print dress. Her edgy voice was perfect for the song, and her confidence made it more exciting to judges and the audience.

Emily Bentzel brought a sweet vibe to the stage as she sang “Mr. Know it All” by Kelly Clarkson.
The song was sung very well, but the judges did not seem very pleased.

They said it was an edgy song about being angry at a guy, and her sweet and innocent voice did not fit it.

Slowing the mood down was Briana Blewett, singing “Family Portrait” by Pink.
Although it was a sad and depressing song, Blewett did a very good job at showing facial expressions and matching the somber tone of the song.

Last, but not least, was the tiny girl with a big voice, Alexis Matthews who sang “Over You” by Miranda Lambert.

Once again, this was a slow song, but Matthews sang it very well.
Once all of the performances were finished, previous Ship Idol contestants Natalie Kuntz and Jean Martinez serenaded the audience with a song.

Afterward, all of the remaining contestants gathered on the stage, to deliver the elimination news.
A song began to play and the eliminated contestant took the microphone to perform one last time.
Unfortunately for Alexis Matthews, this was her last performance.

It was obvious that she was very upset as tears streamed down her face while she was trying to sing her final song.

The audience felt very bad for her, so they stood and cheered as loud as they possibly could.
Her fellow contestants also cheered her on and hugged her during this sad moment.

Ship Idol will continue this week. The final four return Tuesday, March 27, when they will sing with Ship Idol All-Stars.

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