Ship was worried about vaginas: The "Vagina Monologues" 2012


Memorial Auditorium hosted the 9th annual “Vagina Monologues” presented by Shippensburg University’s Women’s Center and V-Day.

Many students hear the title, “Vagina Monologues” and are confused. Some people in the campus community may even be uncomfortable.

They do not understand what it is but are somehow very intrigued. Those interested students were brought a hilarious, yet serious performance on Feb. 16-18, of this year’s “Vagina Monologues.”

Memorial Auditorium was packed for each 8 p.m. performance for the ninth annual Vagina Monologues, presented by Shippenburg University’s Women’s Center and V-Day.

V-Day is a global, non-profit organization that presents plays, films and shows in order to raise awareness about violence against women, girls and men. V-Day has raised over $75 million through events such as the “Vagina Monologues.”

The infamous play by Eve Ensler comes to life each year at SU and leaves students and fans eager for the next year’s performance.

This year, the monologues were directed by the talented Samantha DuPree, senior at SU.

Years ago, many different women were interviewed. This was originally called “Vagina Interviews.”
These women were asked questions about their vaginas; at first, they were very reluctant.

But once they began talking and answering questions, it became a phenomenon. This turned into what is now known as, “The Vagina Monologues.”

Each year at SU, a cast of about 30 students and faculty advisers put on the show. Students act and read the answers to different monologues.

Each monologue relates to the vagina; through sex, masturbation, rape, genital mutilation, birth, different names for the vagina or simply being as an aspect of the body. While some monologues are very comical and fun, others are very serious.

All of these monologues create a night of fun for the audience, but still remind audience members of the gravity of violence toward women.

To make the show unique every year, a monologue is added by the production staff that highlights an important current issue affecting women globally or even more locally.

This year, the cast and crew stood for their right to privacy and Shippensburg’s dispense Plan B, the emergency contraceptive.

Upon walking into a very busy Memorial Auditorium, there were tables set up. Shirts, pins, booklets and other items were being sold and purchased.

Also, a table sponsored by the YWCA of Carlisle was set up giving away free items such as pens, highlighters, informational booklets, and of course, condoms.

Students were able to walk around the lobby before and after the show and gather items for free or purchase something.

All of this helped to give insight into what the show is about.

All proceeds of the event this year went to the Carlisle YWCA Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Services of Cumberland County.

The “Vagina Monologues” is unique in the way that it always leaves fans eager for the next performance, and makes many people who may have been uncomfortable before attending understand what the hype is all about. For more information about V-Day, visit the web site at

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