Natalie Eastwood


Students visit Saudi Arabia without leaving SU

Like a reed swaying in a current, Mohammed Alhrbi, graduate student and member of the Saudi Arabian Club, swayed to the Saudi music — his white, floor-length robe brighter than his broad smile under the hot sun Thursday afternoon.

Sweet, stuck-between-teeth kind of fun at Corn Festival

Corn kernels flew through the air and plastered themselves to faces and beards as corn eating competitors ran their teeth along ears of corn in a frantic three-minute race to see who could eat the most corn at Saturday’s 35th annual Shippensburg Corn Festival.

Learning real world skills one shift at a time at SU

For Rebekka Cuadro, a senior at Shippensburg University, she is learning something that is not always taught in a class room — real world skills. Cuadro has worked on campus since her freshman year — first at Chicken-Dipety and now Starbucks.

En garde!: SU club teaches foils and footwork

Metal clashed as each opponent parried a sideways dance of tiny steps and lunging attacks. Tucked away in the Shippensburg University’s recreational center is where the Fencing Club members meet twice a week, don white vests of armor, pull down netted screens across their faces and play a sword game. The weapons the Fencing Club uses are actually not swords at all, but foils and epees.

Real women make for empowered beauty

Gripping the makeup brush, a student hesitantly began to apply foundation to her face. Mary Kay was one of the three booths at the Empowerment Day for women, hosted by Feminists Raising Empowerment and Equality (FREE). “I’m OK if she does it.