Natalie Eastwood


Just one cup in growing mountain of trash

Shippensburg University’s trash cans overflow with recyclable items — Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donut cups, water bottles, cans and food containers all nestled in a bed of used napkins, stuck together with wads of gum and smeared with wasted drink and food.

National Ghost Hunting Day brings ghostbusters to life

Throughout the U.S., England and Australia, people will be searching for individuals who are so remote they lived in another lifetime, and yet so present their voices ring crisply and their translucent forms wisp through this world as if they were still breathing.

A Taste of Africa comes to Shippensburg

Many members of the African Student Association (ASA) can answer Shakira’s question, “Tsamina mina zangalewa,”— where do you come from — with 54 different answers because of the 54 different countries in Africa.

Students prepare for a new semester, new memories

It is the same campus but with new people. It is reused pens and old, half-scribbled notebooks. It is a stack of textbooks that may or may not get read. It is the adventure that has not yet unfolded; the late nights that will surely pile up like fried food stacked onto Reisner plates. It is the final exam; it is the final year for many; it is the final first college semester for others.