Britton Kosier


MellowHype’s ‘Numbers’ keeps band’s original sound

MellowHype is a sub group of the Los Angeles crew, Odd Future. The duo is made up by rapper Hodgy Beats and producer Left Brain. As you can see from their name, MellowHype follows their Odd Future lead man, Tyler, the Creator, by being a walking paradox. Sometimes mellow, other times hype.

Hip-Hop Happenings

Although it has been attempted numerous times in hip-hop, creating a successful collaboration album with two established artists is rare.

Hip-Hop Happenings: Give Me Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them

Flashback to 2007 in Southern California: Exile, a highly-respected underground producer, and Blu, a hype man for a few acts that included Exile’s group, Emanon, decided to collaborate for a studio album that would end up captivating hip-hop fans like they could have never imagined. Blu and Exile’s “Below the Heavens,” would turn out to be a critically-acclaimed underground classic.

Lights, Camera, Action: The new hip-hop

The 27-year-old rapper Action Bronson may be recognized as a newcomer after the 2011 release of his debut album, “Dr. Lecter,” but not much else about the bearded, big-bodied Bronson can be described as sounding like a beginner. As unique a man Action Bronson is, the Flushing, Queens, chef turned “rap singer” continues to draw comparisons to Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan.