Odd Future fans finally got the news they have been waiting for from the group’s lead man, Tyler the Creator, for more than two years. Tyler’s third album, “Wolf,” will be released on April 2.

Tyler shocked a lot of his fans this week with a tweet about a new music video for his song, “Domo 23,” which was to be released later that night. The release date for “Wolf,” locations and dates for an international tour this spring and artwork for three different covers for “Wolf” accompanied the premiere of the video.

For Tyler, “Wolf” will make or break him as a rapper. He has already started his own record company, assembled a group of respected artists under it, designed a clothing line, created and starred in his own show “Loiter Squad,” established himself as a talented producer, won several MTV music awards and turns 22 years old next month.

He has already accomplished more than most in the industry, in only a few years.

With a sacrilegious attitude came rebellious and radical lyrics, and off the wall remarks and sneakers.

“Wolf” will be Tyler’s first project made completely while famous; an interesting dynamic for a guy who showed up to the Grammy’s sporting a gray sweatshirt with an unaccompanied bicycle and green hat that read “GOLF.”

Being the same age as Tyler, knowing we shared similar CD collections as kids, his style perfectly suits hip-hop fans that grew up listening to Eminem.

The “Domo 23” video looks like something that was shot for “The Eminem Show.”

J. Cole also got his fans even more excited for his sophomore album, “Born Sinner,” with the release of another single, “Power Trip.” The Roc Nation artist also dropped a five-track EP last week titled “Truly Yours,” an appreciation to his fans for their patience.

Mac Miller teamed up with the legendary Prodigy for the track, “Confessions of a Cash Register.” Miller also collaborated on the production with another legend, The Alchemist.

The single that surfaced last week is a far cry from the type of music Miller is famous for, but exactly the style one would expect from a Prodigy-Alchemist joint.