Hip-hop ruled the television airwaves last week as Mac Miller premiered his reality show on MTV2 and late-night performances from Tyler, The Creator and Kendrick Lamar impressed viewers and bloggers everywhere.

The first episode of “Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family,” which aired Feb. 26, proved not all of reality TV has to include dramatic fights resolved over expensive lunches.

Miller and longtime friends let cameras take a peek into his L.A. home as he finishes up his sophomore album, “Watching Movies with the Sound Off,” which Miller said should be out early this summer.

The first episode centered on Miller being named Complex’s “Man of Next Year,” an honor that brings with it a free Fisker Karma.

Although “Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family” carries the title reality show, the show seems like it will be more of a six-episode documentary of Miller and his friends’ adventures living in a Los Angeles mansion.

Tyler, The Creator made headlines last week with the announcement of the release date for his second album, “Wolf,”which will be released April 2. This week, Tyler returned to the late-night stage, NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” which launched him to fame when he performed “Sandwiches” in 2011.

Tyler showed that fans can look for a different artist on “Wolf” than they saw on “Goblin,” as he went from sporting a ski mask during in 2011 to a solo piano intro during last week’s performance.

Coco of Quadron joined Tyler on stage for her feature on “TreeHome,” and Odd Future characters, Jasper and Taco, pushed Coco out of the way as Tyler looked more like his old self, jumping on the piano to perform “Domo 23.”

Over on CBS, Kendrick Lamar gave a beautiful, live-band rendition of “Poetic Justice” on the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

The Drake-less version of the song left Letterman virtually speechless as all he could mutter was, “Who was doing that,” four or five times directly after the performance, referring to the soothingness of Lamar’s saxophone player.

New episodes of “Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family” premiere every Tuesday at 11:30 p.m.