The biggest stage in sports is the Super Bowl, and the biggest stage to play on is the Super Bowl’s halftime show. This year, the Super Bowl highlighted Madonna to perform. Sam and Nick decided to sit down and discuss how great this halftime show was.

Nick: What more can you say about Madonna?

I know that this was the greatest halftime show since Janet Jackson, and only Madonna would be able to top it. Her raw sexuality, even at age 53, made me more excited than a little schoolboy with a hot teacher. She decided to remix all of her songs starting with a spectacular entrance to “Vogue” where she came in riding on a chariot acting like Cleopatra. The special effects and the brilliant choreography managed to enhance Madonna’s performance.

With guest singers LMFAO, CeeLo Green, Nikki Minaj and MIA the show really went well. Madonna’s music and her style has influenced many of these artists which added to their experience. Madonna brought it home Sunday night, and I loved every minute of her.

Sam: Bring back Bruce. What has the Super Bowl come to with these Super Bowl performances. Not only has Madonna passed her prime, but when did she turn into Lady Gaga?

Lip sync central was on full effect. LMFAO, Nikki Minaj and CeeLo Green felt out of place when they made their appearances.

The fuse of old and new did not mesh well at all. The Super Bowl needs to follow in the footsteps of the NBA and the MLB and get acts that can actually play music, not lip sync to songs they sung 20 years ago.

Bring back Springsteen. Even the decrepit Rolling Stones showed more enthusiasm than Madonna did last night.

I am a fan of hip-hop and all the above but this was terrible. Good thing I watch the Super Bowl for the game, and not the halftime show, otherwise I would never watch it again.