Things have gone downhill and downhill fast for the Indianapolis Colts. After recording another winning season and playoff berth the previous year, they endured a devastating injury to Peyton Manning.

With the absence of their star quarterback the Colts would go on a downward spiral, ruining their streak of consecutive AFC South Division crowns.

With the Colts entrenched in the first spot for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, we debate the chances of whether Peyton Manning is a finished man in Indy.


With him out this year, the Colts played to their talent level. The scouts are touting Andrew Luck as the next Manning or Elway, but the Colts should really take their chances. How often has a No. 1 pick at quarterback worked out for teams? I am not saying that the NFL is going to see the next coming of Ryan Leaf, but Peyton needs to stay with the Colts. It is just too bad that he will not get that chance.

Nick: Sam might have a point on the fact that former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is touted as another John Elway. It is this reason that I feel the Colts need Manning. He is the face of the franchise and Andrew Luck needs to wait in the wings. He is not ready nor is any quarterback who has this much pressure on them.

Manning will be the starting quarterback for the Colts next season and he will be the mentor to Andrew Luck. The Colts might not want to win now, but they cannot afford to have Peyton win without them. He will come back, win with the team, and teach Luck.