You know what grinds my gears? Time.

It does not slow down for any of us, and other than waiting in line at the DMV, it moves faster than we could ever expect. Here are most of us, ready to graduate in a few short weeks, and we all can probably remember the first time we moved into a dorm on campus freshman year.

Time is scary because it does not let up, and it certainly does not care who it affects in any way, shape or form.

Time is one of those things that is a blessing as well as a curse, and no matter what we think, it is always going to be there to haunt us and help us.

I cannot wait for graduation because like so many others, I want to start my life. I want to live, which I guess means working, but still I want to experience what else time is going to bring my way.

Time has given me 22 years of glorious memories and some I would much rather forget. Now it is time to figure out what is next in life and what time is going to be used for now.

Will it rush me through marriage and children, or will time keep me away from those I love. I am fully aware that Father Time and I are going to get into some scuffles along the way, but part of me wants that to happen.

I want to experience the trials and tribulations that time causes those around me who have started their lives and I want to cherish them in the short amount of time left.

Part of me still cannot get over that time has rushed the four years of my college experience out the door.

I can sit here and remember how slow it was going sophomore year when I thought my life was over, boring, and just not meant to be in school.

Now I am here getting ready to receive my diploma and take the next step. Time seems to have been wasted away going to school for 18 years but that is what the rest of my time on earth is going to rely on.

Those years I slaved away at countless schoolwork is nearing its pinnacle. Time will be right there by my side at graduation to rush everything along and once again create another distant memory in my mind.

Time moves so fast and without hesitation that you almost forget at what point you were keeping track of it.

I cannot remember what I was thinking in first grade, just starting out, but I see that look in my niece and nephews eyes when I discuss with them the lengthy stay they will have in the education program.

If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I would like to do is to save every day from here on out.

There just never seems to be enough time to do the things we want to do.

Jim Croce said it best, but the truth is that time is coming for us, and just as fast as it took me to start this article here I am, finished.