You know what grinds my gears?

The Slate.

Now I know most of you know how my articles work, and how my “grinds my gears” have always been about something I hate, well this time it is not.

It grinds my gears that I will never be a part of The Slate ever again.

It grinds my gears that I will never write another article and see it in the paper on Tuesday.

It grinds my gears that this is the final “grinds my gears” I will ever write in my collegiate career.

I will miss what I used to do for this amazing organization and what this organization did for me.

Above all else, I will miss the friends that I have made. I remember the first general interest meeting that I went to and how scared I was to meet everyone.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I wanted to be involved.

The Slate offered me so many areas that I could write for and I took full advantage of the friendly dispositions that filled Orondorf Theater that night.

I was so excited to get started and now here I am ending it with this last article.
I was so lucky to start out with Cara Shumaker as my first friend there and all that she did.
You will do an amazing job as editor-in-chief.

I will never forget the special group of people that I met through the Slate.

From Katrina, Kevin and Simon to all those people now that I call friends, it has been a pleasure.
I will miss the long nights with Sam Stewart and watching him go on to create such an amazing sports section, of which that the Slate is so proud of.

Good luck to you and everything you do and I hope to see you with ESPN one day.

Chelsea Wehking, without you making me feel so welcome and so at home I would never have been able to open up to everyone.

I will miss pranking you, but mostly just your intense leadership that you put forth every week.

Colleen Bauer, you have always been the nicest person in that office to me, and I am so glad that just by luck I will get to know you more in the future.

You have been such a great friend.

Lauren Miscavage, you have edited all my outrageous and foul articles and have been so great to me.

I will always cherish the friendship we made.

Samm Noviello, I will miss all of our amazing talks and laughs.

Inappropriate conversations or not you put up with my “that’s what she said” jokes for so long and I know that you are such a talented writer.

You will go on to do some great things in life.

I hope to hear from my sis in the future. Best opinion editor ever, and as always my opinion is the one that matters.

Above all else, I will miss Dr. Drager.

I will miss his blunt and dry sense of humor.

No one brought me down a few pegs like you and I thank you for all the words of wisdom that you gave me along the way that I can use in life.

I will always be so grateful for the chance to have you as not just an adviser, but as a friend.

There are so many that will be coming back that I will miss too like Ana, Paris, Billy and Ryan.

I am so thankful to have met you all and to have been a part of the Slate at the same time that you all were there.

Fate brought us together at the same time, but the memories we shared will last forever with me.
It grinds my gears that this is the end, and I will miss you all.