You know what grinds my gears?

Paying for a cap and gown.

I cannot believe that Shippensburg University is serious about this.

I might sound like this is just me complaining about something costing money, when, of course, being a college student, I lack in funds.

No, I just cannot believe that we should pay for a cap and gown.

I know I am not alone in this issue and many more seniors both present and past can concur with the fact that this is the most ridiculous thing we pay for during our time at SU.

I fail to see how a cap and gown cannot be included in our tuition.

Would it not make more sense to pay a small amount for every semester at school that goes toward your cap and gown once you graduate?

That way, if someone failed or dropped out, the university would get some extra money that it could use toward other expenses on campus or just save it up in case something would happen.
We need to be smart about this, SU.

I do not think the administration even realize s the hassle it is saving itself if it would simply just use its head.

I have paid for countless ridiculous things on campus, from parking tickets to bacon on my chicken wraps.

I know it is not expensive and in some ways the cap and gown are in a different category, but with all the money that I put into the university you would think that it could at least cover me on this.

So many other seniors can feel the pain I have when it comes to knowing I have to pay for something I am going to wear once in my life.

I remember feeling the same way when I bought my prom tuxedo. I went all out for one night just to end up regretting it the next day.

Not because of the after party, but because of the fact I wasted money for an outfit that only had meaning one night in my life.

This is the same thing.

We are wasting our hard- earned parents’ money for a cap and gown that should be handed out to us.

Now, I know some of you might pay for your own, and I say “mazel tov, a tip of my hat to you.”

Honestly, though, I am sure you would rather use that money for something more important.

Money is definitely the root of all evil, and for most of us, this is only the beginning of the money card being a factor in our lives.

If only SU could see the advantage of a small payment each and every semester that counted toward our cap and gown then I would be leaving this institution with high hopes.

Now I will leave SU realizing the greed and ridiculousness that makes up America.