You know what grinds my gears, Shippensburg weather.

I do not hate winter weather.

The snow, wind chill or even the ice is not an issue for me.

I always feel like it is better to warm up than to cool down anyways. Shippensburg weather has this certain uniqueness about it though. Global Warming or not, the weather here is more confusing than an episode of “Catfish.”

No one knows how to dress, and traditional seasons are a thing of the past.

So, because of that students on campus tend to make me hate the weather here more than ever.

The last few years I have identified winter as an extended fall or an early spring. I have lost faith in winter because let us face it there is never any snow.

It takes some investigating to find out how to prepare to go outside. Should we wear a light jacket or is it mittens and heavy coat weather?

In Pennsylvania we just never know.

One thing we do know, well should know, is that it is not shorts and short-sleeve shirt weather.
Common sense is becoming an uncommon virtue.

I saw a guy wearing shorts and a short-sleeve shirt going to class last week.
Who does that?

People like this are the reason why insanity is a defense now in court.

I cannot wrap my head around wanting to freeze just to make a fashion statement.
This was a male though.

The fashion statement excuse should not come into play, then again this is 2013.
Do you want to bring attention to yourself or just have no pants or jackets to wear?

You are in college so it should not be hard to find some to borrow. Just wear some sweatpants.
I see girls wearing skirts with winter boots in this 15 -degree weather. Now, let me be blunt here, given the right circumstances I am not against looking whatsoever.
I will judge though. It is winter.

Snow is on the ground given a good day, so the fact that you have “winter” boots on means nothing.

You want to look good then I suggest that you wear all that skimpy outfit underneath a snowsuit.
Then get to class and take it off for all the guys or girls to see.

You have many other months to show off your undercarriage. Most people in winter are more worried about keeping their face warm than looking for the next available cleavage spotting.

Cold weather usually has certain effects that interrupt that certain part of the brain.

When I see people dress inappropriately I am thankful we have things such as the flu to take out the revenge we wish we could.

There is no excuse for wearing summer clothing when the temperature is cold enough to freeze tears.

Shippensburg might produce confusing weather patterns, but it produces even stranger people.
Winter makes me lose all faith in humanity.