You know what grinds my gears, Celebrity Boxing.

We have heard about all the crazy shows that are on TV now.

From fat redneck princesses to scripted Amish people, the shows we are forced to watch are disgusting.

Yet, can you believe that America is about to produce something even more offensive than those?

In this corner we have Nadya “The Octomom” Suelman, who managed to gain fame by popping out 14 babies and getting her own TV show and the other corner we have Patricia “The Tanning Mom” Krentcil who gained fame for bringing her 6-year-old daughter into a tanning bed.

I can just hear Bruce Buffer calling it now, “Let’s get ready to suffer!”

Yeah it looks like the two most infamous mothers in America are scheduling a “boxing” match sometime in the near future.

Life as we know it is clearly over. Remember when “mom” was the person who took care of you from birth until adulthood and made the home a real home? Well that “mom” does not exist. You can thank women like this for that.

Apparently the “Tanning Mom” has challenged Suelman to a couple rounds in the ring.

Now, Suelman, who is always looking for work, has boxed before.

In an article by The Huffington Post, it claims she did compete in Celebrity Boxing before but has been banned because she owes money.

Suelman tried a career at pornography to make money but was met with what the Post calls “bad reviews.”

It is porn, how can anyone get a bad review in porn?

There are people who have intercourse with horses and this woman gets a bad review?
That is saying something.

It just sickens me that the term celebrity is so construed.

These women are not celebrities.

They should not be famous.

Why are we giving these women work?

The only thing they have in common is they both could be mistaken for your dad’s baseball glove; leathery and old.

Yet, they are now getting way more publicity than the suffering families in the country or the depletion of jobs.

These women have work but families of five are struggling?

Thanks America.

South Park said it best last week referring to the fact the bar has been lowered.
Society fails to see the wrong in this.

We look at the Octomoms of the world and say, “I do not know why but I want to see more of you.”
We might never get the bar back up to where it was before, so we are going to be stuck with these idiotic shows.

America is a giant letdown.

Now you wonder why China is beating us.

Maybe this fight will never happen, and maybe scallops might fly out of my pants.
If people will pay to see it, then it will go down.

The hope for humanity will slowly curl up in the fetal position and wait to be curb stomped.

Does no one understand that Krentcil is famous for child endangerment?

Since when do we congratulate someone for reproducing a football team?

I cannot believe that anyone is condoning this and yet, why should any of us be surprised?

One day I cannot wait to tell my children about the fight of the century.

No, not the “Rumble in the Jungle,” not the “Thrilla in Manila,” not even “Holyfield-Tyson II,” the one with the ear biting.

No, the fight I will be referring to is the “Clash of the Trash.”

Maybe this is what the Mayan’s foresaw when they ended their calendar in 2012. God help us.