You know what grinds my gears, your mind.

We all have those moments whether we are awake or asleep and our mind talks to us.
Our inner self is just processing thoughts.

Some we cannot and should not say out loud.

It bothers me, just because we cannot control it and have no idea what will happen next.
It is like a puppy.

No matter how many times we tell it to stay or teach it to go potty outside it just does not listen.
Well no matter how many times we subconsciously tell ourselves not to think of something what does it do, it brings those thoughts back.

I mean it gets on my nerves sitting in class and having a million thoughts run through my mind.
I feel this is what really distracts students.

This is why the Chinese are ahead of us.

They do not have conscience’s they have Confucius. Memories, thoughts, images, fantasies, all these things constantly distract us from daily life.

Sometimes we enjoy it, if you know what I mean, and other times we just want to get away from ourselves.

The mind is a powerful thing.

It gives our reality a break.

For some people that is how they get by each day, for others it is just a mini vacation.
I enjoy thinking scenarios in my head both good and bad.

I wish the little angel and devil would come out on my shoulders like they do in cartoons.

It would make us seem a little less insane knowing we are not just talking to ourselves.

When you think of all the great psychiatrists who have specialized in psychoanalysis our minds are pretty messed up.

Yeah, Sigmund Freud had many reasons about how our minds work, but no one will ever truly understand them.

I do not like the regret that can fill our minds.

We back track our days at night and think about what we should or should not have done.
Our mind never lets us forget certain things.

Maybe that cookie we missed out on at lunch we forget, but not the pretty girl who was selling that cookie.

If we do not talk to her then our mind fills us with what ifs.
That is what I hate.

I wish we could filter our thoughts ourselves.

I like weighing options in my mind.

I like the occasional “I wish I was Batman” moments, but I hate the “what ifs” that plague us.

Sometimes we eventually forget, yet other times we never move on.

It is interesting to say the least.

Sometimes it is nice to have these thoughts so that at least somewhere we are living the life we want to live.

I am not saying I hate life, but what I am saying is I hate being reminded of the mistakes I made in life.

The chances I missed out on, or the things I should have said to people when I had the opportunity.
Some day I will look back at this and think of what or who I was thinking about that made me write this.

Some day I will wonder what I thought about that very night.

For now, I just want to think about what lies ahead in my thoughts and my mind.