You know what grinds my gears? Fox News.
It is election season if you have not heard, and all I have to say is, “Where is Elmer Fudd when you need him?”

There is no surprise in the presidential race this year.

An idiot is running against a moron.

Yes I said moron not Mormon.

There really is no difference actually.

The rest of the country is set to suffer through another four years of complaining, pointing fingers, and job loss.

My prediction for 2013 is a spike in the sale of Ramen Noodles and Powerade.

I myself am going to open up a business selling “Armageddon is at hand” signs because it should be a very lucrative venture in 2013.

I, for one, love the media coverage in an election season. It is more humorous than Bugs and Daffy’s little spiel.

Let me just say that Fox News gives hope to those who are slow learners. Say you failed the first grade four times, do not give up. By golly, if you try hard enough and hate liberals like Mel Gibson hates Jews, just call Fox “home.”

Oh would Hitler be proud to see propaganda being used so well? I am sure Ann Coulter could have been his Josephine Goebbels.

It is a shame to see this network bend information to the point even Gumby would say “All right, you win.” Sure, Fox is biased.

If you think otherwise, then I would stop reading here.
So Mitt Romney has had a video leaked of him.

It might not have as many hits as Gangnam Style, but it is getting some air play.
Romney, talking to the wealthy, said some unflattering things.
Romney said he knows the 47 percent will not be voting for him so he is reaching out to the wealthy.

The 47 percent that he is referring to are the people who do not pay income tax.
Yes, they still pay a payroll tax, but to Romney and his elite, I guess that just is not enough.
He feels these people, the so-called “welfare bums” do not need food, shelter or even healthcare.
Yet, he can preach this at a $50,000 per plate fundraiser?

Romney is the monopoly guy.

You cannot pass go, you cannot collect $200.

These people are not the ones cheating the system.

They are families that make less than a plate of food at one of Romney’s “I hate the poor” meetings. 

So, of course Fox News was all over this video because it was time to play damage control.
They were blaming the liberal media for leaking the tape, calling it positive, and saying the liberals are shying away from the real issues.

So, when it was Fox’s turn to talk about the real issues, they chose to do what is right by bringing up a video of Obama.

Yeah, that is definitely talking about the real issues, all right.
Not unemployment and Libya.

With emphasis on Romney’s video being all the way back in May, the Fox gestapo’s big Obama video was actually recorded in 1998.

I guess Republicans change every month, whereas Democrats only change every 15 years.
So close Obama, so close.

The whole “You Built It” phrase is just not as effective when your candidate has the money to build whatever he or she wants.

His or her logic is if you have success you “built it” and if he or she failed, it was the government’s fault.
If they get a break then they deserve it.

If you get a break, then that is called dependency.

Now you see why I watch Jon Stewart for my news.

If Fox can ever find a way to keep Chris Christie out of McDonald’s, the country will be in a world of hurt.

Yet, thanks to government funding, Grimace is well protected inside the walls of the golden arches.
Let us just hope the whole salad thing stays secret.