When you get behind the wheel of a car, it is illegal to be under the influence of alcohol.
Yet, what about getting behind a wheel that gives out prizes?

The show “Wheel of Fortune” has been around for decades, and you would not believe hearing alcohol and the “Wheel” in the same sentence.

Pat Sajak, the wacky host of the show, and Vanna White, the beautiful, silent letter turner of the show, have recently been brought under a bit of criticism for their drunken pasts.
It seems as though they would get drunk before taping their last show of the day.
In the past, the show was different and it was boring compared to the format most of us are used to seeing.

The 1980s were a pretty crazy time.

It seems as though with the lunch breaks they had, which were two and a half hours long, they would go across the street to a Mexican restaurant and drink about two to six margaritas.
Then they would come back and do the show so drunk that in Sajak’s words, he could not even make out the alphabet.

In his interview with Dan LeBatard on ESPN2, Sajak confessed that he and White drank but said they do not do it anymore. Pat confessed with a smile on his face and was laughing out loud on set.
I do not see why this should be a big deal or a surprise to anyone.
First off, Sajak is simply nuts.

Any man who can do what he does for years had to have been using something to help him cope with the contestants he gets. Secondly, White never says anything, so it is not like it would cause her to act uncontrollably; she just turns letters over.

The 1980s were full of rebellious people and there was a lot of change going on.
It is not surprising to think they would have a few drinks waiting on the final show knowing how horrible it was at that time. People did not win money to keep; they won money they had to bid on cheap prizes.

It was not what you would imagine as fun.

Regardless of what the media thinks about this act, I think the crew of the “Wheel of Fortune” is all right by me to drink. It is not like they were drinking on stage, being belligerent to audience members or contestants or even trashing the place.

They were just trying to lighten up the experience by throwing down some margaritas.
Most of us know that Sajak is a pretty wild guy to begin with. I mean, who can get as excited over buying a vowel as Sajak?

I think we should laugh this one off and continue to watch the “Wheel of Fortune.”
Sajak and White are good people; they just like to spice things up a bit. I think I would like to solve the puzzle now, Pat.

Is it Happy Hour? Yes, it is.

It is always Happy Hour at the “Wheel of Fortune.”