Singles websites are a way to meet new people. Many find new friends and some even find “significant others.”

From to, there are many websites aimed at helping adults find that “special someone.” Some of these websites charge a fee for the boost in one’s dating life, while others allow free personality tests and compatibility quizzes.

A new singles’ website is catching fire in the media. The website, based out of New York City is called, and it is not your typical online dating search engine. Unlike its predecessors, is a website for singles hoping to become parents ­—no strings attached.

Adults log onto Modamily hoping to find a man or woman who can help them have and raise a child.

The relationships forged on this match-making website are not based on attraction or sexual interest, but instead, on plans to eventually have children.Since its launch in mid-January, has seen over 20,000 visitors — men and women hoping to find someone that shares their values and opinions on parenting.

Most visitors of the website are single men and women looking for someone to raise a child with while avoiding a romantic relationship. Others are desperate couples who are unable to bear children hoping to find a way to have a family without spending a fortune on adoption or fertility drugs.

Supporters of this new phenomenon claim that the website is an easier way to help them achieve what they would otherwise find in day-to-day life, only much quicker and easier.
Some find themselves wanting children but have yet to find that “special someone.”
Others have no interest in romantic relationships, but believe that having children would improve their lives.

The website offers them a child-rearing relationship with no emotional or marital responsibilities.
Those who find compatible “friends” can choose how they want to have children, where they will be raised and how each parent will be involved.

To some, this website is the beginning of a new age — a time when men and women can have a career and a child without the added stress of dating or marriage.

Or, when women who hear their biological clock ticking, and men, who care about their career too much for marriage but want to leave their mark on the world, can just get together.
It is truly a blessing to couples who have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to have or adopt children.

These positives, however, do not reflect how a child would be affected by such an arrangement.
Men and women are searching online for someone to procreate with, not to share a life with.
This is a dangerous concept in that children are seen as something one can have simply by searching the Internet.

Since when is it acceptable to find someone to have a child with in the same way that one would search for a product online?

The dangers of online dating are even more severe when dealing with children. When an adult chooses to begin a relationship with someone he or she meets online, that adult takes a chance on the person he or she believes she has met.
The risk is his or hers alone.

How is it acceptable to put a child in such a risky situation?

Online matchmaking has officially gone too far.