The New Orleans Saints have slapped the franchise tag on Drew Brees. The man is the best quarterback in football. The Saints should be willing to pay him, or be willing to let him go. He is the face of the franchise.

Last season, Brees set NFL single-season records for completions (468), passing yards (5,476), and completion percentage (71.2). This is not only very accurate, but also consistent.

While some credit should go to his offensive line that was responsible for providing pass protection, Brees’ consistency and accuracy allowed the Saints to put up tons of points each week.

The man is classy, and genuinely good for the game of football. The man finds a way to help his team win, and does not bring any unnecessary attention to himself. (Yes, Tom Brady, this means you, and your supermodel wife.) The only thing that Drew Brees does wrong is get a cold a few times a year and take some NyQuil, but seriously, everyone does that.

As it stands now, Brees and the Saints are about $5 million per season apart in negotiations. For a guy who brought the city of New Orleans 13 wins one season ago, the Saints should pay the man what he is worth.

Drew Brees is the city of New Orleans. Drew Brees embodies Saints football. With coach Sean Payton and Brees at the helm, the Saints are promised success and power; however, without Brees, the paper bags will be over the heads of many in New Orleans.