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SU community and students helping others in need

(04/23/12 10:08pm)

Shippensburg University has a lot to offer its students, but some aspects really stand out to the public. Like many schools, clubs and organizations, raising money to help people in need is a top priority. Not only does this look good by a school or organization, but it also feels really good to help out someone less fortunate than many. Being someone who has lost multiple people in life because of cancer and other fatal diseases, the vast amount of fundraising and support from the community and students of SU makes me proud to say I attend here.

Unhealthy world creates unhealthy people

(08/27/12 8:27pm)

“Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool.” If that is not a classic song, I do not know what is. In case you are unaware, this song is Adam Sandler’s “back to school” song which he sang as Billy, the main character from Billy Madison. Whether you are trying to prove to your dad that you are not a fool, or you are just looking to better yourself in finding a job in the real world, the reality of it all is that the school year of 2012 to 2013 has just kicked off. By the way, what is the next line to that song? I think it goes something like, “I got my lunch packed up.” That reminds me, the start of the school year means that I have to start eating school food again. Now that is something that I am not all that excited about. And this has nothing to do with the lunch ladies, the cooks or anyone else who is involved with the school meals. Everyone who serves the students and faculty are all wonderful people and I really appreciate everything they do for us. The problem really comes down to the fact that the food is unhealthy.

The key to college success

(09/17/12 11:48pm)

For every college student, new experiences will happen. We are here to get our degrees, make some new friends and enjoy the time in college before we step into the real world. Transitions from being in high school to being in college are hard, along with the transition into a new year just from being home for summer break. Stress starts to build and people quickly start to crumble under the pressure. Before you know it, you are sitting in the library behind the books, mind blown and feeling so overwhelmed. But what is really on your mind?

Women's strength overpowers all

(09/24/12 10:53pm)

You know what I feel more strongly about than anything? Women’s roles in this world. James Brown’s lyrics, “this is a man’s world, but it would be nothing, nothing, without a woman or a girl,” is what I think of when I begin to rant about this subject. Women have come a long way to gain respect and power in this world. We started out with nothing, no school, no work, no rights and used only for producing children, cooking and cleaning. I myself have joked around about wishing things would go back to that so that I did not have to deal with going to school or working; but I was wrong. It is amazing how far women have come by standing up for themselves and each other. We have fought, struggled and were made to prove our worth to this country and have come out on top in many situations. Now I know this seems like me ranting about women’s rights because I am a woman, but that is not what this is about; I am no feminist. But, I feel very strongly about respect and everyone getting a fighting chance. Strong women in our society today such as Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama and many more have gained respect and proved to the world how intelligent, caring and powerful they are. I respect these women so much for the great example they set, their strength and what they show women in our country. But, just when I thought this country was at my standards with this topic, I was proved wrong.