The Slate commits to keeping students informed with quality journalism

With each new school year comes transition, and for The Slate staff, this year is no different.

I am the latest to serve as The Slate’s editor-in-chief, following a long line of former students, who all took the job with the intent to better this organization in some way. Many succeeded in their goals, and The Slate has grown because of them.

Similar to my predecessor, my dedication to this organization is unflinching. I joined The Slate less than a month into my freshman year as a staff writer, before being hired the following spring as an assistant news editor. I had the privilege of serving as news editor and managing editor before I was hired last spring as The Slate’s next editor-in-chief.

During my tenure I have covered breaking news, including the 2016 faculty strike, and more campus events than I can count. It is a humbling experience to be able to give back to an organization that has given so much to me.

Perhaps most incredible, is the work ethic of present and past staff members, who have given their all to The Slate in the time they’ve served. They’re easily some of the most hardworking people I’ve ever met — I don’t know many people who will spend countless hours a week in a windowless room all for the sake of putting together a newspaper. I am inspired each week by the creativity, talent and friendship of my colleagues.

Being a journalist in a “fake news” world is hard — mistrust of the media has increased, while support for local papers has declined. But there is still a strong need for local media in today’s world. The Slate staff today, more than ever, needs to decipher and deliver the real news to the SU community. Whether that be through news or sports, The Slate is committed to doing so.

But the work we do doesn’t need to end with us. Every student, whether new or returning, should see what is happening on campus and question why things are that way and what, if necessary, can be done to change them.

Over the last year SU has undergone numerous administrative changes, and this year the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education experienced yet another tuition increase. PASSHE has a new chancellor, and the long-term stability of the organization seems uncertain. These changes, among others, serve as reasons why our attention is required now more than ever.

Through it all, I look forward to leading The Slate staff as we continue to provide the community with the quality journalism that it deserves.

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