Regan brings non-stop laughs to Luhrs Center

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Comedian Brian Regan brings an hour worth of new and old family-friendly jokes to the Luhrs center during his Friday evening performance.

Brian Regan, along with Taylor Tomlinson, brought down the house at the H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center on Saturday with their unique brand of clean and self-deprecating comedy.

From the moment the night began to the moment it ended, Saturday night’s show can best be described in one word — hilarious.

The night began with Tomlinson warming up the crowd by discussing topics including life after college, dating and her relation to the people around her. Tomlinson was able to relate well to the crowd as she has only been out of college for a short time. 

She described herself as an “old soul” and how she has difficulty relating to people her own age. Both she and Regan shared a comedy style that had people laughing all night. 

Following Tomlinson was Regan, who had people giggling in their seats before he even began to speak. There was not a moment of silence the entire night from the moment Regan stepped on stage, as he shared a series of stories and experiences that left the audience tearing up with laughter.

Regan has built a 30-plus-year comedy career off his unique style of clean comedy that no other comedians are able to match. While some might view writing clean jokes as a challenge, Regan thrives on this type of humor, and has used it to propel himself far into the world of comedy.

Throughout the night Regan discussed a wide array of topics including obsessive compulsive disorder, politics, sports and his own dating life. Regan mixed things up by performing acts from his Netflix special, “Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers,” as well as some new material he prepared for the show.

While Tomlinson discussed the struggles of being young, Regan talked about the issues of getting older, such as memory, which was one of the highlights of the night. The performances were two sides of the same coin, and acted as a very funny and real perspective to both ends of the spectrum.

The end of the show met Regan with a standing ovation from the audience, which he followed with talking to the crowd about his experiences on his tour. He joked about how important it is to get the name of the city you are performing in correct, or else the people there will never forgive you.

Regan was surprised when he heard audience members asking him to perform some of their favorite jokes from his previous comedy specials. Instead of moving on, Regan was very appreciative that people knew his older jokes, and thanked the audience for being such great fans.

Before leaving, Regan honored the request of the crowd and told one of his most well-known jokes about how he struggles to remember the names of people at parties, and his strategies on how he deals with that. 

The night ended with a final wave of applause as Regan thanked the audience one last time before exiting the stage with Tomlinson.

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