A Raider’s View - Pay it forward, the right way

You pull up to the Starbucks drive thru, the guy in front of you pays for your drink and per tradition, it is now your duty to pay for the person behind you. Although, have you ever considered the fact the person behind you can most likely afford to pay for a $6 drink or a $5 sandwich at Starbucks, or else I’m sure they would not be in the line. 

But what about the elderly gentleman in the grocery line who went over his limit by a few dollars and doesn’t have enough change to cover the cost? Would you help him without being prompted? Or would you get frustrated because he is taking too long to finish the transaction? 

Helping people unprompted is the highest form of paying it forward. The act of helping someone out of your own free will without doing it just because everyone else is doing it is the best. 

Imagine you are standing in line in the Ceddia Union Building and a student is getting food, but cannot find his or her student ID. You are standing behind them and offer to flex their meal for them instead of putting it back or throwing it out. You are not only making their day, but you are helping someone in trouble, to avoid them feeling humiliated or filled with anxiety for holding up the line, you are doing a service for the community. 

Students can lend a hand to those who are in need by donating to the local food pantry, King’s Kettle. King’s Kettle operates out of 30 N. Fayette St. in Shippensburg. Its operating hours are the first, second and third Monday and Tuesday of the month from 5-6 p.m. To donate, contact King’s Kettle at (717) 530-9200 for more information. 

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