Recipe of the week: Homemade mango sorbet


I love ice cream, but I recently learned the hard way that too much dairy is not always good for my body. However, I refuse to remove sweet treats from my consumption so I started looking for healthier alternatives and I came across a recipe for raspberry sorbet. It seemed easy enough, but I’m not too crazy about raspberries so I opted for my personal favorite — mango. The initial recipe I found called for water or sugar syrup to help blend the mangoes, but I decided to try out fresh orange juice for added flavor. I also tossed in some lemon juice to compliment the other fruit flavors and voila. I have a great new ice cream substitute.


1 cup frozen mango 2 fresh oranges

1/2 lemon *optional* crushed ice

Photo by Yvette Betancourt - Ship Life Editor / The Slate

Ship Life Editor Yvette Betancourt finds a new ice cream substitute to help with her healthy eating, creating a sorbet recipe with her favorite fruit. 


1. Place a cup of mango in blender and blend until mango is broken up.

2. Squeeze orange juice into blender [optional] toss the oranges into the mixture

3. Squeeze 1/2 lemon juice into the mixture

4. Eat right away or freeze until you’re ready to eat. 

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