Slater of the week: Thomas Witmer


Thomas Witmer, Art Director/The Slate

Thinking outside the box can be difficult, but for Shippensburg University junior Thomas Witmer, it is all in a day’s work.

Witmer is a communication/journalism major with an emphasis in public relations. While many students in the major enjoy writing, Witmer breaks the mold with his talent in design and illustration.

Witmer became assistant graphic designer for The Slate in spring 2015 and moved up to chief designer in spring 2016.

Each week he creates graphics, advertisements and the front cover for The Slate. When Witmer is not creating graphics for the newspaper, he is usually designing on his own.

Sci-fi and fantasy are Witmer’s favorite genres to illustrate, and he particularly enjoys creating original fantasy creatures.

“I like fiction in general just because it’s so interesting with different worlds and concepts and realities in general,” Witmer said. “There’s so many interesting things in them and about them.”

Witmer has enjoyed drawing his entire life, and his early teen years awakened his desire to illustrate as a career.

After playing the video game “Adventure Quest Worlds,” Witmer aspired to work for the game’s company, Artix Entertainment.

“I’m not really sure that’s my set goal anymore, but it would be a good place to work, even as a stepping stone or to stay there a while,” Witmer said.

Witmer is also a video game enthusiast, and his favorite game series include “Halo” and “Pokémon.”

Although he wishes to design games like these, Witmer’s inspirations for drawing come from many sources.

“Sometimes, I have the idea,” Witmer said. “Sometimes, I put thought into it, and sometimes I draw a random shape on a piece of paper and see where it goes.”

While Witmer may one day design video games for companies like Valve Corp., Bethesda Softworks or Artix Entertainment, he continues to bring inspiration and creativity to The Slate every day.

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