In-Motion Dance Troupe shows SU its heart

Shippensburg University’s In-Motion Dance Troupe showed what talent mixed with hard work looks like during its 31st annual recital this weekend.

The recital featured 20 dance numbers that incorporated genres ranging from jazz to hip-hop. Despite the differences between the individual performances, each piece managed to showcase the abilities of the individual dancers.

Aside from the group’s skilled dance moves, detailed costumes and creative lighting choices, a thank you clip from each dancer was shown in between performances. This gave the audience a chance to get to know each dancer on a more personal level.

The performance was especially sentimental for senior members, as it was their last time performing as a member of the troupe. The videos gave senior members a chance to say their last thanks and goodbyes, and for the remaining members to wish the seniors good luck. This managed to bring tears to the eyes of some in the audience.

The troupe members began practicing for their recital in early November.

The squad invested long hours into learning and practicing the recital material prior to the show, so it was no surprise that the entirety of the performance flowed together seamlessly.

In-Motion Dance Troupe shows SU its heart
In-Motion Dance Troupe shows SU its heart
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“In order to prepare for the recital, we practice a maximum of 20 hours a week, along with two 15-hour days the weekend before the show,” historian Stephanie Arcadia said.

All the hard work translated into the weekend performance.

“I think we performed great,” Arcadia said. “Most of our members are sick, but we pushed through and had a great show.”

The troupe members share the same talents and passions for dance. Because of this, many of them are friends and can translate their connectivity to their performance.

While these bonds are effortless, the troupe takes pride in the hard work and connectivity.

“We work so hard for these moments,” Arcadia said. “It is such a high-energy and entertaining show that it’s really easy to have fun while your dancing.”

Recital may be over for In-Motion Dance Troupe, but practices continue.

“After this, we begin prepping for our competition season,” Arcadia said. The troupe will have two competitions in March and April, and its next performance will be at SU’s Relay For Life on April 7.

In-Motion Dance Troupe is a student-run and senate recognized club sport at SU that was founded in 1986. In-Motion Dance Troupe’s mission is to keep the spirit of dance alive at SU, while also allowing members to showcase their many talents through choreographing dances and performing.

More information about In-Motion Dance Troupe and their upcoming performances can be found at

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