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Russell Brand

Actress Renee Zelwegger’s appearance at the ELLE awards has got a lot of people talking. Everyone in the tabloid journalism world has had something to say about her new look. Some call her “unrecognizable.” Fellow entertainer Russell Brand took to his YouTube show, Trews, to address the controversy and plastic surgery rumors about Zelwegger.“What’s Renee Zelwegger having surgery for? It’s like she’s under some intense pressure regarding her physical appearance or something,” he said sarcastically. A TMZ reporter noting her change in eye shape, described her eyes as what made her, her. Brand’s response quickly attacked that position.“Not any personal experiences she’s been through, not her talent or her charm…it’s her eyes,” he sarcastically stated. He went on to remind the viewers that everything changes over time from himself to the city of Baghdad. “The only thing that has not changed is a McDonald’s hamburger, because that is something time cannot impact.”


The cast of La Traviata at the Opéra Bastille in Paris

A muslim woman was asked to leave a live performance of La Traviate in Paris, due to her facial coverings. The unnamed woman was first asked to remove her niqab. When she refused, was told to leave. However, the most shocking part of this is why she was asked to leave. It was not a complaint from another audience member or even a theatre staff member. The cast of the opera gave the theatre director an ultimatum, demanding the woman’s removal or they will not continue their performance. According to the Telegraph, the actors spotted the woman during the second act. It is unclear how her niqab in the middle of a dark theatre affected the performers ability to continue, though I am guessing it really had no affect.

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