Freedom for unborn babies


Is life a choice or someone else’s decision? Most everyday individuals would agree that life is a decision that each individual makes, a personal choice. When looking at the facts, this simple statement could not be more accurate. It is, without a doubt, an individual’s personal choice to make the decision about choosing life. Does this mean that “pro-choice” is the proper mind-set? Not at all.

One of the most obvious, yet seemingly forgotten facts about this entire debate between life and choice is the small theme of freedom. Our country gives its people the privilege of basic freedoms that many others are prevented from ever experiencing. The basic idea behind true freedom is that an individual’s freedom is never allowed to over step another’s freedom. So why is it acceptable in modern culture to make the choice to overstep a baby’s freedom? Are not all mankind created to live in a world full of freedom and peace?

Pro-choice affiliates might disregard the science that concludes conception is the beginning of life. Others suggest, that at the first heartbeat, life begins, while others still believe that life does not begin until physical birth. Many different religions acknowledge that life is sacred and meant to be protected and nourished. Christian and non-Christian religions believe in respecting and valuing life, at all stages. The underlying truth is that those without a voice need and deserve to be heard.

This means that protecting the right to life is not limited to just before birth, but throughout one’s entire life. Conception, birth, childhood, adulthood and elderly rights need to be protected in every aspect. Abortion, child abuse and neglect towards the mentally challenged and elderly are all issues in our current society. Each life is important, full of meaning and purpose.

Life is not a problem to be thrown aside or ignored. Awareness for the right to life is important. A friendly attitude and peaceful mindset allow others to see that life is precious and no human has the right to destroy that freedom. Without a respect for life in all of its stages, from beginning to end, there is no basis for true growth as individuals and as a nation. Laws need to be instilled to protect all those who are unable to defend their right to life. Sometimes life occurs in circumstances that are difficult or troubling.

Yet once life is created, it deserves all the privileges of a free individual regardless of the situation of others. So yes, protecting and nourishing life to the best of one’s ability is a choice. To choose a child or to give a child the full freedom elsewhere is necessary. As an advocate for all life, I challenge you to decide, on your own, what the value of life is to you and why has respect for the simplest of life been forgotten? Pro-life is a choice and I chose all life.

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