Letter to the Editor

I could not agree with you more concerning the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

What a worthy cause and what an amazing PR tact, it is truly impressive, and I am glad you spoke positively for it.

As we all know there are people on social media that are in an uproar about how ridiculous raising money for a deadly disease is.

However, I do have a bit of an issue with the second half of your article.

The Ice Bucket challenge has certainly started new trends , as you mentioned, the five day positivity challenge.

I know that you may find it annoying, and at times I do too, but we need to see the larger scope.
Depression and anxiety is a huge problem in our country and all over the world.

And the even bigger problem with these very real diseases is the stigma that follows them.

I understand that this five day positivity challenge does not include a tag line “fight depression!” or ,“down with anxiety!” but when I log onto Facebook I appreciate being able to see my friends and acquaintances take a few minutes for an entire work week and publically state what they are happy about.

What is in their life to be thankful for and then to ask their friends to do it as well.

It especially is a nice alternative to the regular negativity that we see on Facebook every day.

And it is an even nicer distraction from the larger world problems then we cannot escape from, and that haunts us at each click or scroll.

So, in conclusion, they are not raising money, and they are not raining awareness for a disease, but they are inadvertently raising positivity, and if I have to bare a few “my boyfriend is so cute” comments to get to the deeper meaning, I am all for it.

Yours Respectfully,
Pro Positive

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