Hot or Not?


Carrie Hammer’s Role Models

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week kicked off on Sept. 4 with lots of models, including role models. Fashion designer Carrie Hammer started the campaign “Role Models Not Runway Models” to empower women of all sizes and abilities. At her show on Sept. 5, she sent several role models down the runway, including Karen Crespo, fashion week’s first ever quadruple-amputee and Lindsay Todd Merkle, global account manager at Beats by Dre. Hammer told, “I’m a designer of professional clothing for women, so I felt sick sending 18-year-olds down the runway.”


Oakleaf High School

Despite it’s scorching temperatures, Florida has been home to a lot of “not hot” people –Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman and Jeb Bush to name a few. This time school officials at Oakleaf High School in Orange Park, Florida are getting flack for apparently forcing a girl to wear a dress-code violation outfit. The student, 15-year-old Miranda Larkin, was told her skirt was too short because it did not come down to her knees, though it was pretty darn close. According to Larkin, she was sent to the nurse’s office and made to change into a bright yellow shirt and red sweatpants with DRESS CODE VIOLATION written on both. In the words of HBO’s John Oliver “just because [Florida] you’re shaped like some combination of a gun and a dick doesn’t mean you have to act that way.”

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