Mo’ne Davis: The rising star of Little League baseball


Women can always be seen at sporting events.

Whether they be spectators or athletes, in the past few decades women have made strides to stand out amongst the crowd in the sports world.

You see women playing volleyball, tennis, softball, soccer, field hockey etc.
However, you never really see them playing football or baseball.

That has recently changed however, after Little League World Series star Mo’ne Davis took the mound this year at South Williamsport.

Now some of you may be considering that this is just the Little League World Series and not the MLB, but none the less Davis has grasped the attention of the U.S. and the media.

According to ESPN, as one of two girls holding her own in the 2014 Little League World Series, the other female athlete being Kayla Roncinm, Davis has become the first girl to earn a win and pitch a shutout in Little League World Series History.

She has also become the first Little League World Series athlete to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Davis, 13, plays for the Taney Youth Baseball Association in Philadelphia and is throwing her fastball at 70 mph.

Meaning she is throwing one of the fastest pitches in this year’s Little League World Series.

Davis has received shout outs from professional athletes like Mike Trout, Marcus Stroman and Kevin Durant. She also been asked to appear on shows like Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Maddow.

As a woman I feel an overwhelming sense of pride to see both Davis and Roncin standing out in a tournament that has left them seriously outnumbered in the gender category.

Not only did Davis make the team, but she also led her team to a successful tournament. While they may not have won it all, she played a crucial role in keeping her team in the game. More girls like Davis need to step up to the plate — and I mean the baseball one, not the dinner one — to show what they can do.

I have heard numerous people comment on Davis’ performance all saying, “She is really holding her own out there.”

In a way this bothers me because of course she can hold her own and it is frustrating to see that while Davis is an outstanding athlete, she is highlighted for being a girl. I feel her baseball talents should take the mound, not the fact that she was one of two female athletes competing in the 2014 Little League World Series. She is a leader at 13 years old, and is someone who young girls all over the country should be emulating.

I wish her nothing but success.

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