Professor spotlight: Alison Dagnes


Another spotlight, another great professor revealed.

Whether you are a political science major or not, you might have crossed paths with Alison Dagnes, a political science professor at Shippensburg University.

Within the department, Dagnes can be found involved with the political science honor society, Phi Sigma Alpha, or the political science club, which you do not have to be a political science major to join. She loves advising the honor students.

In relation, she likes that the political science club is non-partisan. Meaning, she likes that the meetings are less of a debate and more of a conversation, and everyone can hear each other out.
When she’s not in Grove Hall teaching or advising, she spends time with her two daughters, ages 8 and 11.

She also enjoys reading and running in her spare time. In fact, Dagnes has written four books herself.

She has written two books on political media and has edited two regarding political sex scandals. Interestingly enough, she is currently in the midst of writing her fifth book. Aiding her in her latest account of political sex scandals is colleague Mark Sachleben, associate professor of political science.

All would quickly agree that Dagnes is far from boring and a talented and passionate professor in the political science department. It is evident that she loves what she does.

Dagnes first started at Shippensburg University in 2003. She completed her undergraduate education at St. Lawrence University where she studied government.

A few years after that graduation, she went on to receive her doctorate at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where she studied political science.

Between undergraduate and graduate school, Dagnes was a producer for C-SPAN in Washington, D.C. Then, shortly after graduate school, she found SU to be home and has been a professor in the political science department for the past 10 years.

Her favorite thing about SU is a no brainer.

“The people! The students, my colleagues, the administration, but most important is the students.” She also added, “The students are kind and interested.”

As finals week is quickly approaching and the 2014 spring semester is coming to a close, Dagnes has some words of wisdom for all students.

“Take the summer and rest up, then come back and get involved. Make the most of your time here. Do stuff. You’ll feel better afterward,” Dagnes advised.

With that being said, she sets a great example for students by becoming so involved with the political science major and writing a few books on her own, Dagnes is certainly a great role model for students.

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